We at Electrocoating and Insulation Technologies Private Limited are engaged in developing and manufacturing various types of polymer coatings. These coatings have wide applications in electrical and electronic passive component coatings, electronic circuit encapsulations, castings and civil engineering applications.Electrical power needs to be properly insulated and the components require coatings of proper synthetic polymers. Hence our products are of great importance for the proper functioning of electrical and electronic components. Electrocoatings offers import substitute products at affordable prices and always believes in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our own manufacturing facility comprises of ultra-modern machinery and well-trained manpower. We ensure adherence to strict standards as testified by our ISO certification Electrocoatings has won several prestigious contracts that bear testimony to our quality focus and professional approach towards fulfilling customer requirements The team is led by our MD Mr.Ravindra Rane who has over 25 years of experience in the chemicals industry.