EPOFIL 60-FR (Thixo)

A Fire retardant, Filled Epoxy Resin System which cures at room temperature, suitable for Electrical and Electronic Potting / Casting applications.

Epofil 60-FR (Thixo) is specially formulated and processed to obtain void free encapsulation and castings to get good electrical properties. It is a ready to use filled system having moderate viscosity at processing temperature.

The system is modified with special anti settling agents to avoid heavy settling on storage. However, the filler settling in the system is very soft and could be re-mixed easily.

The cured Epofil – 60 FR (Thixo) system has the following characteristics:

  • Good thermal conductivity.
  • Suitable for Class F (155°C). Continuous operations.
  • Good adhesion to most organic and inorganic materials.
  • Good mechanical and electrical properties combined with good chemical and water resistance.
  • Reduced shrinkage and exotherm.
  • Low coefficient of linear expansion.
  • Used as Adhesive.


Epofil 60-FR (Thixo) system is suitable for:

  • Casting, Potting and sealing of small and medium sized electrical and electronic circuits and components.
  • Casting of switch gear components and insulators.
  • Potting of instrument transformers.
  • Cable joint insulation.
  • Topping of capacitors as sealant.